Quiz Cards


version 0.6 released. Changes include:

version 0.5 released. Changes include:

version 0.4 released. Changes include:


Quiz Cards is designed as an aid for studying and learning. It is a Java application that can be used to create sets of flash cards and then quiz yourself with them.

Quiz Cards has the following features:


either use Java WebStart to automatically install QuizCards by clicking here or download one of the files below.

platform application source code
Unix QuizCards-0.6.tar.gz QuizCards-0.6-src.tar.gz
Windows QuizCards-0.6.zip QuizCards-0.6-src.zip
Other QuizCards.jar, gpl.html, README.html, CHANGES.html  


We also have a collection of card stacks that you may download here. Contributions are welcome!


We here at Zen Lunatics would love to hear about your experience with Quiz Cards:

send comments to zenlunatics@zenlunatics.com

Thank you!